About Us

A Regional Compliance Partner to Implement, Monitor or Maintain the Highest Levels of International Standards.

Alamaya offers support in setting up, implementing, monitoring and maintaining all the system requirements that ensures its clients meet the highest of international standards in Central and Eastern Africa. The advantages of having the many management systems offered in place are as follows

  • Streamlined business processes
  • Relevant policies and procedures in place, adhering to national and international legislation
  • Ensures internal and external compliance
  • Enables better third-party management
  • Improves business opportunities
  • Added value and confidence to potential clients
  • Ensures internal departmental controls and better inter-departmental dependencies

The benefits are both internal and external and is an additional compliance aspect that more and more potential clients want to see. It provides clients the confidence they need and the knowledge that they are working with a company that puts international standards and quality at the forefront of their operations.



Alamaya aims to ‘bridge the gap’ and act as a compliant link in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our operational focus


Why work with Alamaya in Central and Eastern Africa?

Regional presence and insight
Reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies
Mitigate risks and sustain operations
Increase regional capability and capacity
Case Study
Client: European Aerospace Manufacturer
Country: Kenya and Uganda
Offering: Intermediary
Scope: Exclusive Sales Representative for General Aviation (GA) sector
Sector: Aerospace
  • Identifying leads and developing sales opportunities.
  • Liaising with key accounts in-country for after sales support.
  • Supporting the manufacturer for the lifecycle of each sale to include logistics.
  • Informing the manufacturer on country specific Trade Compliance (TC) changes.
  • Acting as a liaison between the client and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Case Study
Client: US Prime Government Contractor
Country: Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia
Offering: Intermediary
Scope: Regional intermediary support
Sector: Defence and Security
  • Representation of the client in East Africa to create a presence in countries of potential operations and to support the Business Capture unit.
  • Forming Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) with local suppliers for US Government Task Orders (TO) or UN Tenders by deploying to the areas of operations to allow for unique differentiators.
  • Assisting with the Tender Writing acting as a resource on the ground as required.
  • Providing an in-country surge capability for any unknown issues or requirements for live projects.
  • Supporting with host government liaison as required.
Case Study
Client: UAE Private Sector Start-Up
Country: South Sudan
Offering: Consultancy
Scope: Market Entry Support
Sector: Technology
  • Advising of market entry strategy into South Sudan.
  • Organising initial client meetings to include private sector and foreign missions.
  • Arranging security from the initial security assessment to secure ground transportation and accommodation.
  • Accompanying visit to Juba from airport pickup to drop off.
  • Incorporating the business in South Sudan with Alamaya as their local partner.
Case Study
Client: UK Risk Management Consultancy
Country: Somalia
Offering: Consultancy
Scope: Due Diligence of Solar Organisation for Funding
Sector: Energy
  • Deployment of two local consultants to Mogadishu.
  • Remote support from a Nairobi based Project Manager.
  • Review of organisations and current projects of the solar company.
  • Analysis and report writing based on findings.
Case Study
Client: Ministry
Country: East African Country
Offering: Government Services
Scope: Strategic Communications for Public Relations
Sector: Government Public Relations
  • Supporting Ministry via Alamaya's strategic UK based communications partner.
  • Contracting key consultants in Kenya supporting partner.
  • Providing client relationship management as required.
  • Providing local advice to the Communications partner.
Case Study
Client: Intergovernmental Agency Foreign Mission
Country: East African Country
Offering: Supply Chain & Procurement
Scope: Acquisition of Armoured Vehicles
Sector: Government Procurement
  • Confirm compliance of tender in line with Alamaya’s Trade Compliance procedure.
  • Onboarding of local clearing and freight forwarder for delivery of assets.
  • Tender with Alamaya’s local entity and exclusive agency for armoured vehicle manufacture.
  • Assisting the client with a Pre-Shipment Inspection at the manufacturers site.
  • Handing over of assets at the port of delivery with Alamaya in country personnel.
  • Providing maintenance training for products.