Alamaya Offers a Range of Services to Support Businesses and Operations in Central and Eastern Africa.


Supporting the implementation of policies, processes and procedures to realise a management system, accreditation or certification.

Supporting the implementation of specific policies, processes and/or procedures.

Supporting the implementation of Management Systems such as a Quality Management System, Antibribery Management System or a Food Safety Management System.

Improving a Management System to allow for an external accreditation and/or certification.

Providing liaison support with external auditors ensuring that the company responds effectively on all communications.


Supporting with the maintenance, monitoring and management of compliance management systems to ensure international standards are met.

Providing enhanced Due Diligence and Know Your Customer checks in order to verify the subject and mitigate any associated risks if necessary.

Providing an independent internal audit to measure the organisations strengths and weaknesses against its own procedures and standards.

Providing an independent third-party audit free of any conflict of interest or customer-supplier relationship.

Providing an independent Whistle Blower reporting channel for quality information and to ensure identity protection.

Embedding a trained and vetted compliance officer into an organisation in-person or virtually in a part time or full-time role.


The provision of training personnel to comply with regulations, legislation or policies that apply to their day-to-day role.

Training personnel on any relevant local laws or regulations applicable to their job function.

Training personnel on internal policies, processes, procedures and management system applicable to their job function.

Compliance training specifically designed for an individual, group or subject.