Nyika Capital Offers a Range of Services to Support Businesses and Operations in Central and Eastern Africa.


Acting as a retained intermediary on behalf of international corporations through long term agency agreements to represent, engage and support business.

Providing a dependable local partner to perform advocacy on behalf of the companies at a national level.

Working with Nyika Capital as a compliant locally-owned and registered entity as a joint venture partner in Tanzania or Uganda.

Enabling opportunities by sourcing, linking, lobbying and representing corporations.

Delivering in-country support to reduce the barriers to entry and increase effectiveness to include Payroll Management within the highest ethical and compliance standards.


Providing third party consultancy and brokerage services at a local level on behalf of international corporations.

Assisting clients to understand a culturally diverse and complex region. Providing guidance to navigate barriers to entry allowing for a sustainable business.

Engaging with government and industry at a local level. Offering a compliant local partner to adhere to local content and to provide a local and ethical solution.

Providing Human Resource and Payroll services to ensure clients are locally compliant.

Providing compliant subject matter experts to client projects. Maximising clients’ operations through vetted personnel and ethical, local suppliers.


Implementation, monitoring or maintenance of Local and International Compliance Standards.

Supporting the implementation of specific policies, processes and/or procedures.

Improving a Management System to allow for an external accreditation and/or certification.

Training personnel on internal policies, processes, procedures and management system applicable to their job function.

Embedding a trained and vetted compliance officer into an organisation in-person or virtually in a part time or full-time role.

The provision of proactive stakeholder and community engagement fostering strong relations and partnerships on the ground in accordance with the IFC performance standard of Free, Prior and Informed Consent.