Phantom Technologies Offers a Range of Services to Support Businesses and Operations in Central and Eastern Africa.

Drone Operation

We provide end-to-end drone solutions through turnkey services.

  • Inspections
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Last mile logistics
  • ISR
  • Calibration

Drone Delivery Platform

We provide professional personnel are ROC licensed and can easily integrate with clients operations to operate licensed drones with the aim of delivering quality integrated solutions.

We also provide core flying services with the aim of increasing client capabilities in service delivery.

Drone Consultancy

We act on behalf of corporations to supply ad hoc tasks and serve client businesses by providing compliant drone experts and suppliers.

Examples of these services include:

  • Drone strategy & development
  • SOP manuals
  • Airspace management
  • Equipment consultancy

Innovative Partnerships

We partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (EOMs) and unique drome solution providers on an exclusive basis to operate their products and solutions in East Africa.