Phantom Technologies is committed to the highest levels of quality, compliance and sustainability.

Sustainable Compliant Support

Phantom Technologies is committed to operating to the highest ethical standards. We and all our partners guarantee the respect of human rights, consideration of our environmental footprint, and zero tolerance for corruption. We understand the cultural and political dynamics surrounding our clients’ objectives and ensure that our approach is sustainable in frontier markets. We firmly adhere to the UN Global Compact and VPSHR principles. Phantom Technologies is also in the process of obtaining ABMS certification as well as the others listed.

ROC Partners

Phantom Technologies has exclusive agreements with Kenya Flying Labs in Kenya and Nyika Capital in Tanzania for usage of their ROC.

Collaborative & Quality Focused

Phantom Technologies’ Joint Venture partnership with Alamaya ensures processes are followed to ISO standards. Alamaya’s quality management process uses an Integrated Management System to deliver the highest standards. In addition, Phantom Technologies is in the process of being certified for Quality Management and Collaborative Business Relationship Management from the International Organisation for Standards (ISO).

International Accreditation, Standardisation and Memberships